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*Please limit New (BL# / Claim# / Ref#) field to max 15 characters


 Please note that we have made following changes to the Return Authorization Portal

1. We have removed the need for Customers to enter the SKU to submit their request.

2. Following column names were changed
       a. Customer Number has been changed to read Ship to location
       b. Date has been changed to read RMA Request Date

3. The Status of RAP tickets has been reworded to the following

            Previous                 Changed to

     a. RMA Entered         Request Received
     b. RMA Processed     Request Processing
     c. RMA Closed          Request Completed

4. A new reference field (BL# / Claim# / Ref#) has been added to the New RMA request page where customers can enter any reference # to track and search their requests.